Career Tips

ASE Certified Master Technicians were surveyed for their advice to students who want to become automotive service professionals. The following tips are a compilation of the responses.
Education, Education, Education – Continue your education and develop strong math, reading, study, and computer skills. A strong background in electronics is essential.

Take advantage of on-the-job training, co-op, or apprenticeship opportunities – Get all the training you can and start in a work environment that caters to service and excellence.

Keep abreast of new technology – Make a commitment to life-long learning. There is constant change in technology so take advantage of additional training whenever it is available.

Learn a “systems-approach” – Vehicles today are complex so it is necessary to understand the interaction of electrical and mechanical components within the total system. Learn how to understand the whole system and you can apply this knowledge across the spectrum of vehicles.

Develop good communication skills – Learn not only the professional and technical skills but also communication and people skills. Your credibility is linked to your perceived competence.

Keep a positive attitude – Develop a positive outlook so that you perform proper repairs. Apply yourself – you get exactly as much out of your job as you put into it.

Take pride in your work – Work on every car as if it were your own. Whatever you do, do it well.  It’s your signature. 

Be honest and ethical – Stay focused on what is most important, practice good work ethics, be dependable and honest, and fix it right the first time.

Cultivate professionalism in yourself and others – Act professionally, take pride in your appearance as well as in the shop area. Be a positive role model for others. Show up for work every day and always be on time.

Become ASE Certified – Certification gives you an edge when you are seeking employment. Your confidence, sense of self-worth, and ability to get a job almost anywhere are improved once you become certified. ASE certification shows your employer that you have proven your technical expertise and that you are among the very best technicians.