Program Accreditation

The ASE Education Foundation supports students through their education to become ASE Certified Professionals.
The Results?
  • Schools are recognized for career-preparedness.
  • Employers hire confidently. Consumers can trust the automotive workforce.
  • Students embark upon a fruitful career path.
  • Graduates from ASE accredited training programs succeed in the workplace.
  • Our roads are safer.

The 5-step accreditation process(see below) is engineered to evaluate a school’s automotive service program—its structure, processes, resources, materials, and mission. We perform a thorough, strategic review and offer accreditation to programs that meet the requirements of the industry’s instructional standards. For each program—Automobile, Collision Repair and Refinish, or Medium/Heavy Duty Truck—the accreditation process is the same; an effective methodology that dives deep into program structure.

Collaboration is at the core of the accreditation process—we believe that successful programs are built on a healthy exchange between educators, experts, students, and community. A strong Advisory Committee helps support each program successfully bridge the gap between real world needs and classroom activities. An ASE Education Foundation Field Manager is also available, to guide programs through the process.
Accreditation Fee Renewal of Accreditation Fee
Base Accreditation Processing Fee $950.00 $850.00
Manufacturer Specific Accreditation Processing Fee
(if applicable this fee is addition to the Base Accreditation Fee)
$475.00 $425.00
Honorarium for Evaluation Team Leader (ETL) at $250/day
*Please see below
*$500.00 *$250.00
Estimated mileage, hotel, and meal expenses for the ETL
**Please see below
$300.00 $150.00
Estimated Total Costs
Base program only
$1,750.00 $1,250.00
Note: It is anticipated that team members recruited from local independent repair facilities and dealerships will serve without charge to the institution.

The ASE Education Foundation must receive the application fee with the completed application. Applications received without payment will be returned to the program for resubmission with payment.

*ETLs are to receive an additional honorarium of $100 per additional program when evaluting mutilple programs at one location. Example: An ETL evaluates one general program and one manufacturer-specific program during an initial accreditation on-site eveluation. The honorarium paid to the ETL would be $500 for the standard two-day honorarium plus $100 for the additional program, for a total honorariumof $600.

ETLs are paid as independent contractors, not as school employees.

**Mileage is to be reimbursed at the “business purpose” rate specified by the IRS. Please visit fro the current mileage reimbursement rate.

Costs of accreditation/renewal of addcredition are subject to change. Contact the ASE Education Foundation for current information.

The 5-Step Accreditation Process

STEP 1: Getting Started
Review the program standards. You will need these to begin the accreditation process. We recommend that you download the document and save it to your local computer so that you can easily access it throughout the accreditation process.

STEP 2: Program Self-Evaluation See the Self-Evaluation Guide
1. Prepare all files and documentation for review based on each program standard
2. Extensive self-evaluation performed by program advisory committee members
3. Program is reviewed and assessed against the national standards
4. Make any necessary program improvements based on results of self-evaluation

STEP 3: ASE Education Foundation Review
1. Program submits application which includes a summary of the self-evaluation
2. The application is reviewed by the ASE Education Foundation
3. Decision is made whether the program qualifies for an on-site evaluation or if improvements are required

STEP 4: On-Site Evaluation
On-site evaluation of program is conducted by an Evaluation Team Leader (ETL) who is an ASE Certified Master Technician and trained to perform the evaluation by the ASE Education Foundation.

All items listed below must be provided to the ETL at least two weeks prior to the scheduled evaluation date(s) and you can complete these in the portal:

1. Completed On-site Evaluation Agreement
2. Copies of Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes
3. List of (6) graduates who completed the program within the past 3 years and are employed locally. Include the name of the graduate, their supervisor, and the address and phone number of the place of employment.
4. Course of Study
I. Syllabus for each class
II. Tasks to be taught specified by Priority designations
III. Number of contact hours
IV. Sequence of instruction to be included in the program
V. List of training materials used
VI. Sample evaluation form used to track student progress

STEP 5: Program Accreditation & Ongoing Reviews
After industry requirements are met, the program is awarded ASE Accreditation for a 5-year period from the date of accreditation/renewal of accreditation.

To maintain accreditation status during this period, programs are asked to review their activities to ensure that standards are being upheld. The ASE Education Foundation requires that programs complete the 2 1/2  year compliance review to remain accredited. The compliance review is designed to help the program determine needed improvements prior to the 5-year renewal process. This process begins with the Program Evaluation by Advisory Committee.